Help & FAQs

What the Fuzz

We're guessing you have some questions about Fuzzball.
We're guessing your cat might, too.
Good news: we've got answers for both.

How much does each subscription cost?

It depends! The size of your cat plus how you choose to divvy up wet and dry food will affect the cost. Overall, the subscription offers you the best value on these nutrients.

When the humans leave, it's to make money. And the humans leave a lot. And since they need your permission to spend money, they should have at least one thousand-million moneys saved. Surely enough!!!

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to England, Scotland and Wales (excluding the Scottish Highlands and Islands). We're looking into expanding our delivery areas in the coming months.

If the humans on the telly are constantly talking about us (royal family this, royal family that - they are obsessed with us!) they can bring you the noms.

When can I cancel/pause?

You can cancel/pause your subscription at any time. We'll send you a reminder before each subscription goes ahead so you're never caught off guard.

The humans can only cancel when we give them paw-mission. Which we never will. Because we can't be arsed to speak their silly human 'words' and 'sentences.'

What is in the trial box?

We know how picky cats can be, and how frustrating it is having a cupboard full of food they won't eat. Our trial box will be tailored to your preferences. If you select dry food only, we'll send you two 500g bags of dry food, tailored to them (indoor or outdoor). If you select wet food only, we'll send you two tubes of 7 cans of wet food, tailored to their flavour preferences. You have the option of adding any of our add-ons to the Trial box with a 50% discount on our Salmon or Chicken treats (100g) and/or our tofu cat litter, so you can get a taste of all the products. You'll also get 10% off your first full subscription.

See, silly human! ‘One of everything' is not a bad request to make!

Are the meals suitable for all stages?

Yes! We have kitten-specific formulas and recipes tailored to older cats.

Ahem. Old? Who are they calling old? We prefer... 'seasoned experts in napping and judging.

When does the food arrive?

Pick any weekday and it will arrive every four weeks.

What are you doing to watch your footprint?

Here are a few things: All of our packaging is fully recyclable, our tuna is caught using dolphin-safe practices, our deliveries are carbon neutral and we donate a portion of each subscription to The Big Cats Initiative as part of our Little Cats Helping Big Cats Campaign.

Apparently humans care about creatures other than us. Obviously a huge waste of time, but it's super important to their silly human brains so we'll allow it.

They do lots of work so that the food containers can be turned back into food containers-or dirt, which humans love, but only when it's outside.

Humans also catch the fish without hurting the dolphins, which are like fish but less talented, since they can't even breathe underwater.

They are also carbon neutral. We're neutral about humans, but guess this is okay.

They also give our money on our behalf to Fuzzballers in the Wild. So we assume there's a giant cat tree named in our honour somewhere in the world.


Shipping is included in the price. You'll get a text/email from our delivery driver to let you know a two-hour window in which to expect the delivery.

The door goes knock knock or ding dong and the food is there. Ta-dah! Not sure why the humans make it sound so complicated.

How should I transition my cat onto Fuzzball?

We'll help you through it, with a transition guide to walk you through the process clearly and if at any point you have any issues you can always reach out to us at

This may be a shock. Are you sitting down, human? The truth is…I have a grumpy side. And it comes out when my tum tum is upset. Plz follow the instructions so I continue to be the ray of sunshine in your sad little life.