About Fuzzball

cats rule!
(Our lives)

Who we are

Fuzzball is inspired by a British Blue named Fuzz. Fuzz is naturally round, super lazy, and of course totally furry and cute. And boy, does he know it.

Sound familiar?

All cats know how to pull a 'Fuzz', charming their way into getting an extra treat. But what if the noms they want contain sugars, salts and harmful fillers that they don't need?

That's where Fuzzball saunters in.

Tailored to their tastes. Delivered to your door.

We're an all-in-one meal subscription tailored to your cat and their lifestyle. 100% real ingredients, delivered monthly, all in the portions your feline needs to stay fit.

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ahem, fuzz here

It is I, Fuzz: the inspiration behind Fuzzball, the meowing muse himself—but please, no autographs. I don't have the patience for humans today, likely because I have no patience for humans period.

The one who leaves nutritious noms at the door.

Much better than the ones who want to COME INSIDE. Srsly, keep them on a leash please. Fuzzball is so tasty that it's truly insulting to call everything else before it ‘food.' It's no wonder I inspired it.

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