What to expect when transitioning your cat to fuzzball

What to expect when transitioning your cat to fuzzball

Welcome to Fuzzball! we are really excited that you have chosen to try out our products and hope your fuzzballer loves them as much as ours do!

Here at Fuzzball we understand that transitioning your furry friend onto new food can be a daunting process, especially if they are comfortable with the food they are currently eating. We just wanted to give you a little advice as to what to expect when you are transitioning your cat and why it will all be worth it in the end.

Sudden changes to your cats diet could cause an upset stomach, diarrhoea or perhaps even vomiting. It is therefore always best to change your cats food gradually, usually over a week or two. This may seem like a long time but its best to be patient to avoid any problems. Cats can be fussy customers and might be reluctant to change their food straight away, if you rush the transition you may find that they don’t want to eat their new food, this is called neophobia, however, if you take a soft approach you’ll find that they should adjust to their new food very nicely. 

Within your trial box we have provided a transition guide with an explanation of how to best transition your cat onto its new food. At Fuzzball HQ we understand that no two cats are the same. If you feel that you require slightly longer to make the transition because you have an extra fussy fuzzballer you can always request to delay the arrival of your first full Fuzzball box to allow your fuzzy friend to transition at their own pace.

Why stick with it:

Fully tailored feeding plan to ensure your cat is getting exactly the nutrients it needs to lead a healthy lifestyle

High quality, high protein ingredients. Protein is an essential nutrient for cats and plays a vital role in their growth, development, and overall health. All of our products are a minimum of 70% protein ensuring your cat is getting enough protein in their diet to support all their needs.

No Salts, Grains or Fillers - Fillers are ingredients that provide little or no nutritional value to cats and are often added to cat food to increase volume and reduce costs. Grain-free is typically associated with cat food that is high in protein. Grains are often used as fillers to make up for a lower meat content. Here at fuzzball, our protein content is so high, we don’t have room for anything else other than exactly what your cat needs. Choosing high-quality cat food with minimal fillers is important to ensure your cat gets a well-balanced diet.

All our products are all natural and totally tasty and have been developed alongside feline specialists to ensure your cat is getting all the nutrients it needs to live a happy and healthy life, regardless of its lifestyle.  

Good luck with your transition and don’t be shy to reach out of you have any more questions!


Team Fuzzball