Thinking of getting a cat/Fuzz's guide for a life of servitude (part 3)

Thinking of getting a cat/Fuzz's guide for a life of servitude (part 3)

Hello folks, I promise this will be the final instalment of my now renamed ‘Fuzz’s famous guide to making sure you are ready for a life of servitude’.

In my time hiding round corners and pretending to be asleep I have heard through my one open ear that it is rude for you lot to talk about money, unfortunately for you this is not one of our considerations. It is extremely important when selecting a new home that we know you’re able to keep us in a lifestyle that we will very quickly become accustomed to and just to make it clear from the outset, we will not be contributing to any of the bills and will only cause more housework.

kitten swiping a paw at someone's finger

How much does it cost to keep a cat?

Owning a cat is an incredibly rewarding and positive experience but it is extremely important to know that the cost of owning and keeping a cat healthy is a long-term financial commitment that you must be prepared for.

Buying a pedigree cat can be expensive, and if you are getting a cat from a rescue organisation you will need to make a donation. Depending on the cat’s age they may be neutered already, or need both neutering and vaccinating. Remember they will also need treating to prevent fleas and worming, and these costs are ongoing. It is important when you get a cat or kitten to register them with a veterinary clinic to make sure all health matters are taken care of.

Other things you will need to consider when considering getting a kitten include;

  • The costs of preventative healthcare (vaccinating, flea and worm treatment – lifelong) and regular visits to the vet.
  • Food.
  • Cat litter and litter trays
  • Toys/beds/scratching-posts.
  • Grooming equipment.
  • Micro-chipping.

Preventative Healthcare:

Neutering your kitten is a one-off cost, but several vaccinations will be required to make sure your kitten is protected from all infectious diseases and your cat will require regular booster vaccinations to make sure these are all up to date. You should also be aware of other treatments for fleas, ticks and worming. Different cats have different requirements depending on age and lifestyle but in general all cats will require these treatments.


This will be your number one recurring cost when getting a cat. There are a wide range of foods on the market to suit all budgets. To ensure your cat is getting all the nutrients they require you should feed them a complete pet food and one with the highest possible meat content. To help make sure you are feeding your cat the right amount of food Fuzzball has created a proprietary algorithm considering all of your fuzzballer’s characteristics and provides you with a feeding plan 100% tailored to your furry friend. This is then delivered to your door every month to ensure a steady supply of the best food and treats that your fuzzballer is sure to love.

Cat Litter:

There are many cat litter trays and cat litters available on the market and again this is down to preference. Captain Fuzz enjoys a little privacy when taking care of business so has a nice, enclosed tray where he can enjoy his newspaper and alone time. If you have multiple storeys in your house, it is a good idea to put a litter tray on every floor to avoid any accidents. Older cats may struggle with high sided trays and larger cats need wider, longer trays.

Fuzzballs tofu cat litter is made from a by-product of the tofu industry. The litter is fast clumping, highly absorbent, dust-free, non-tracking and flushable - exactly what you’re looking for in a high-quality litter with the added bonus of being 100% biodegradable.

Toys/Bed/Scratching post etc:

If you don’t want your kitten climbing up the walls and destroying all your furniture it is extremely important to keep them well stimulated and entertained. This is vital for cats without outdoor access, but all cats will benefit. Individual cats prefer different things but they are natural hunters at heart so anything they can chase around will work well such as ‘fishing’ toys (make sure they are stored away when you are out). You may find you’ve spent a lot of money on the latest multi-level cat tower only to find your fuzzballer prefers to tear some cardboard of the packaging and chase it round the house, or jump in and out of the box it came in! Don’t be put off this is puurrfectly normal and the more you learn about your fuzzballers the better you will be able to equip them with all the toys they need for a fun and energetic life.


Whilst micro-chipping your cat isn’t compulsory by law yet, by the 10 June 2024 all cats will need to be microchipped. Microchipping your cat gives them the best chance of being returned to you in the event they get lost or stolen. Most pedigree cats and cats from rescue centres will already have a microchip. Microchips are safe, should only be placed by trained professionals and you must remember to keep your details up to date if you move house or change phone number.

And with that we close the series. I hope you’ve enjoyed my trilogy of blogs and are looking forward to my next round of mewsings.

So long.