It's getting hot hot hot!

It's getting hot hot hot!

What to expect of your human during the summer?

Just like you lot us cats also like to laze around in the sunshine, and seeing as for some reason we rarely get taken on holiday, we will certainly be taking first dibs when it comes to any staycations.

With that in mind here are a few staycation ground rules:

  • We will not be leaving breakfast early to guarantee ourselves the best deckchairs
  • We will eat at whatever time we fancy and will leisurely saunter over to any chair we see fit and take it (even if you have ‘put your stuff’ on it).
  • Regular snacks will be required.
  • There shall be absolutely no tipping.
  • You may be rewarded for your service by being allowed to give a little massage but this is by no means to be expected.
  • We reserve the right to add more rules to this list whenever we want.

Keeping your cat healthy in the hot weather:

Just like many humans’ cats enjoy spending time in the sunshine, however, just like with humans’ cats suffer from the impacts of the heat and sunshine.

It is therefore extremely important to keep your eyes on your cat and make sure they are staying both out of the sunshine and hydrated. Although cats should realise when things are getting a bit toasty there are some extra things you can do to make sure they maintain their cool cat reputation.

Ensuring your Fuzzballer is the coolest cat on the block this summer:

  • Encourage them to stay in side during the hottest part of the day.
  • If your Fuzzballer likes to chill in the garden, make sure there are many shady spots for them to sit in.
  • Provide a number of water supplies in various places throughout the house or garden to make sure they stay hydrated.
  • Encourage your cat to take regular drinks.

Can my cat get sunburn?

Cats can get sunburn, as with humans the lighter skinned your cat is the more likely it is to get burned, being out in the sun a lot can lead to health problems for cats so make sure to keep your kitty indoors when the sun is shining its strongest.

The most common areas for cats to get burned are on their ears and nose. Signs of sunburn include; red/sore skin and blistering/peeling in the affected areas. If you notice any of these take your cat to the vet straight away.

The easiest way to prevent sunburn in cats is to keep them indoors when the sun is shining its strongest (usually between 10pm-3pm) and to ensure if they are spending time outdoors that they are doing so in the shade.

Keeping your fuzzballer hydrated:

Keeping your cat hydrated is extremely important. Typically, cats stay hydrated by drinking and through the moisture in their food. In warmer weather your cat may need more water to ensure they are staying hydrated and healthy.

Here are a few ways you can encourage your cat to drink and stay hydrated:

  • Keep their water bowls clean and topped up.
  • Cats don’t like it when their whiskers touch the side of the bowl, often using a wider bowl or a plate will encourage your cat to drink more.
  • Keep your cats drinking bowl away from where they eat or go to the toilet.
  • Have multiple bowls of water for your cat around your house or garden to keep things interesting for your cat.

Enjoy the sunshine and make sure to drink responsibly!!

Fuzz xxxx

* As always if your cat is displaying any signs of dehydration or you are worried that they have caught too much sun call the vet immediately.

All these points (and many more) are in the T&Cs you signed when we agreed to come and hang out with you on a long-term basis. First class company does not come cheap and we certainly know our worth.