Entertain Us

Entertain Us

Most of the time I’d prefer it we each kept to ourselves but *very* occasionally I may grace you with some of my attention, read on below for some tips and guidance from my trusted human to yours…

Here are some ways to keep your cat stimulated:

  • Provide toys: Offer a variety of toys, such as balls, feathers, and interactive toys, to keep your cat physically and mentally engaged, be careful any toys you buy are non-toxic and designed with cats in mind so as not to pose a risk that anything gets swallowed. Cats are predators, so toys which mimic ‘the hunt’ will play to and appease their natural instincts!

  • Play with your cat: Spend time playing with your cat (this shouldn’t be too hard!) using toys. Never encourage your cat to play with hands or feet, as this can cause injury. Interactive play can help to improve your bond and stimulate their hunting instinct. Regularly playing with your cat will help keep them active and allow them (in conjunction with a good diet) to maintain a health body weight. Playtime with your Fuzzballer will help keep stress and anxiety levels in check for everyone!

  • Create a scratching post: Cats love to scratch and it's important for them to have a designated area for this behaviour, if not you run the risk of furniture becoming said scratching post (in reality, the risk/possibility exists regardless of whether or not you get a scratching post!)

  • Provide hiding places: Cats enjoy hiding and exploring, so consider creating some hiding places, most Fuzzballers will be pretty contented with a large cardboard box and some makeshift play tunnels. Remember, cats like to ‘perch’ so use the vertical space in your home as well as the floor.

    cat on stomach looking at camera and stretching out its paw
  • Food puzzles: Food puzzles are toys that dispense treats when played with, and can provide both physical and mental stimulation for your cat. You can purchase a feeding puzzle tray or ball, or make them yourself which can be used at feeding times and provide a bit of fun whilst also encouraging your cat to eat a bit slower! See http://foodpuzzlesforcats.com/ for lots of ideas.

  • Give them a view: Cats love to look out the window and observe their surroundings. Consider placing a cat tree or perch near a window to give them a good view.

  • Provide variety: Regularly change your cat's toys and environment to keep things interesting, little changes can make a big difference!

Remember, every cat is unique and what may stimulate one cat may not work for another, so it's important to observe your cat and determine what they enjoy most.

Cats in many ways give the impression of low-maintenance members of the household but ultimately you’ll get out what you put in and some of the tips above will help keep you and your Fuzzballer happier and healthier, let us know how you get on!